Serbia – ICT RTD Technological Audit

This report is produced as the public version of the report “ICT RTD technological audit” in the form accessible to a broad public and decision making constituency. The main goal of the study was to explore the existing ICT RTD potential in Serbia, considering its capability to become the part of the European Research Area (ERA).

This study gives the review and presentation of the current ICT RTD policy environment and main opportunities and barriers as well as the review and presentation of the current ICT RTD main stakeholder activities and their potential for the future achievements. Also, FP6-IST Priority and FP7-ICT Themes were outlined with particular attention given to: participation trends; listing of all participation entities as well as presentation of success and failure rates in Serbian submitted proposals completed with reasons. In addition, present and planned ICT-RTD infrastructure was analyzed and the corresponding actions that have to be taken were presented.

Further research focused on detection centers of excellence in both private and public sectors, in order to identify key players with potential per FP7–ICT Theme Challenge and Objectives. Finally, the study provides conclusions followed by recommendations of the actions needed to be taken at the national and European level in order to increase the participation of both private and public sectors carrying out ICT RTD in Serbia.

As the live interviews cannot cover the whole ICT community in Serbia, the survey was extended to cover the maximum number of stakeholders using the Delphi survey process. In this respect, a 2 round on-line Delphi survey was carried out. To accomplish the SWOT analysis of the objective defined as “Successful participation and integration of Serbian ICT RTD in the FP7 – ICT Theme”, the assessment considered various perspectives in identification and analysis of opportunities and barriers.

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