ICT in Serbia – At a Glance 2013

With a two-digit annual growth in the years prior to the crisis, ICT is among the most vibrant and the fastest growing Serbian sectors, which illustrates the vitality and significance of this sector for the country. However, the economic crisis hit Serbia heavily, negatively affecting the ICT industry as well. The Serbian IT market value will most probably stay captured in the “tunnel” between 400 million and 450 million EUR, for almost 5 years (2009-2013). The suspension of the IT projects caused by the financial crisis created a barrier, which, in turn, led to the accumulation of a great potential. With the improvement of the present economic situation and removal of these barriers, this accumulated potential will be given the chance to express itself through double-digit growth, again. This study presents an overview of the ICT sector in Serbia. The analysis is structured into four thematic areas: General Business Environment; Assessment of the ICT Sector (Statistical overview of the Serbian ICT sector; Education and Human Recourses Development; Research and Development) and The IT industry Opportunities – Outsourcing (Current situation, Opportunities and Barriers). The study with its analysis and information was designed to serve primarily companies interested in business and investing related to ICT in Serbia

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