ICT in Serbia – At a Glance 2012

In this report, traditional and simple definition of the ICT sector will be applied. According to this definition, ICT sector is divided into two sub-sectors: telecommunications and information technologies (IT). Furthermore, IT sub-sector comprises three segments which are hardware, software and services. The main reasons for choosing this definition are: (1) current data structure on ICT sector relies on old classifications*; (2) clear and simple review of particular sub sectors (IT and telecommunications), which still did not significantly converged, is possible and finally, since it is the focus of this study, to  enable presentation of IT sub-sectors (Hardware, IT Services, Software) characteristics.

With a two-digit annual growth in the years prior to the crisis, ICT is among the most vibrant and the fastest growing sectors in Serbia, which illustrates this sector development potential. However, the economic crisis hit Serbia heavily, creating significant negative consequences to the ICT industry as well. In 2009 alone, the IT market in Serbia fell by 22.20%. Results from 2010 show that market value was 405 EUR million, which is a year to year drop of 5%. After two years of decrease, in 2011 Serbian IT sector is in stagnation.

This study presents an overview of the ICT sector in Serbia. The analysis is structured into four thematic areas: statistical overview of the Serbian ICT sector, General Business Environment, Education and Human Recourses Development, Research and Development, through review of the current situations, trends and potentials.

The study with its analyses and information has been designed to serve primarily to the companies interesting in business and investing related to ICT in Serbia.

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